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March 29, 2020:

Act Now ! Release Detainees

Tell Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to release nonviolent immigrant detainees, especially those over 60 or with underlying health conditions. 

DHS medical experts have warned that facility conditions – crowded and unsanitary –  present a “tinderbox scenario” for the spread of COVID-19 and the virus could spread to and overwhelm nearby hospitals.

Tell ICE or DHS that when detainees are released:

  • their legal cases proceed just as they do for non-detained immigrants facing charges; the vast majority of immigrants comply with court orders proceedings
  • releasing detainees is a common sense and necessary precaution.

Phoenix ICE field office, 602-766-7030, press 9; or email at Phoenix.outreach@ICE.dhs.gov

National ICE: ERO.INFO@ice.dhs.gov

DHS: 202-282-8495

Contact Your Elected Officials